Jazba 555 Welfare Association


Education and training of children

Poor parents who want their children to get an education but cannot afford to educate their children due to poverty and hardship. Ensuring the provision of textbooks, uniforms and school shoes for these children up to primary class so that the education of these children is not interrupted in any way.

Newborn Health

Respiratory function in some newborns is a little weaker than in normal babies. Such babies need oxygen and encore better. In more complicated cases, a ventilator may also be needed. And with that comes NICU medications. Which we are providing.

Special children

We are working to rehabilitate children who have a congenital physical defect or a physical defect in the event of an illness or accident that is not congenitally special. Provide tool, wheelchair glasses frames and glass.

Ambulance Service

We currently have a short ambulance squad. In which we are providing shifting of different types of patients.